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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When in Rome

In my case, when in Rome, turn 40!  Doing our part to keep Euros circulating, the Mister and I jetted off to Rome for 4 days to celebrate. Maybe just as spectacular, he found the most lovely American graduate student studying in London to watch the smalls. Fun for the whole family!

It was amazing. I want to tell you all about it but know I've still not told you how great our family adventure was in Scotland a whole month ago.  I promise to go into more detail about both trips soon (and definitely before we hit the beaches of Spain for the kids' school break in a few weeks (soooo exciting, life in Europe!). Meanwhile, many thanks for the well wishes and countless travel tips, too. We thought of you all during the trip and appreciated departing to emails, texts, flowers and packages and coming home to even more.  I feel very special - thanks to you!

I knew just talking to the Mister completely uninterrupted on the car ride on the way to the airport would be a delight!  And the rest of the trip only got better. We laughed endlessly. I am laughing all over looking through these pictures.

We found much to smile and laugh and chat about. That is, when we weren't enjoying great food and drink, unimaginable scenery and tours, catching a few naps, and strolling through the streets in the hot sunshine and still warm evenings. It was that kind of trip.

They were days we'll always treasure.  I think I'll be busy in the months leading up to the Mister turning 40 to plan something as wonderful on his account. Suggestions welcomed.

Will write more soon, but meanwhile, buona sera and much love from your 40 year old (cradle robbing) friend.

Oh, wait. One more thing - see that man over my shoulder below? He wasn't photobombing us, but rather was part of our evening's dinner entertainment. We concocted a great story about him - speculating that he was a private investigator trailing the couple at another table. Either that or he took a tremendous number of photos of two people he didn't seem to be with. I'm telling you - it was that kind of trip!

I threw a few coins into the Trevi Fountain. Here's hoping that means I return lots.


  1. I LOVE that you got whisked away for your 40th! How fun and love seeing the pictures. What a trip and what memories you will always have! Thanks for posting all the pictures! Almost seems like you are down the street my friend.