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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

London. According to Baby Sister

After Big Brother's Tree Planting ceremony, somehow Baby Sister ended up with the camera. You can imagine my surprise at discovering this when downloading pictures.

What resulted was a fantastic streetscape as seen from our buggy. It is a 2 year old's photo essay to be sure. So, without further ado, I present to you the streets of mid-day central London as seen by Baby Sister. I've taken the liberty of adding captions on her behalf.

London is:

Tall buildings. But aren't they all when you stand about 18 inches off the ground yourself?

Bikes. Whether they're Boris Bikes or otherwise, the city is teeming with cycles. Baby Sister asks to take her (really Big Brother's old) Radio Flyer trike to the park all the time. It is a bit of a hassle. She has a sure case of bike envy.

People in love. Keep yer Paris. We've got plenty of amore in this city.

Road closures and construction. Always. Ours is a city under perpetual renovation. You think that wouldn't be as much of an issue for pedestrians, but sometimes it troubles our travels, too. I can't help but thinking, though that "hurry up! Company's coming! Put all the construction stuff away!"

Hey, wait!  Isn't that the guy who just had his arm around that woman? Where'd she go so fast?!

Layers. And dressing for all sorts of weather. Tights usually good. A jacket a must and a scarf and "brolly" a clear plus. I'm willing to bet this wasn't an errant tiny thumb, but rather Baby Sister's attempt to point this all out to us.

People on phones. Talking, texting, gaming, reading. Doesn't anyone just look around anymore? Are you reading this on your phone right now?!

Shopping! And this was before we even hit Oxford Street. When shopping in London, my suggestion (I stole this one from the Mister) would be to not to do the dollars to pounds conversion. It is too depressing. Especially if it something you really need. And really, what else are you going to do? Have it sent from the States and pay exorbitant Customs fees? When in doubt, just window shop.

Close proximity to others. Not unlike any urban area, I'm sure, but it is true that you give up some personal space when moving to the city. But in our case (and Baby Sister's, too) the close proximity is a bonding experience among our little brood.

In summary, London is GREAT!

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