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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little School Girls

I tried to post these last weekend and I'm hopeful they'll show this go 'round.*

These girls look like they could be friends. They both like to pretend, read, dance, dress up, do all sorts of art projects, and play with their siblings. I think they'd like to play together.


In fact I'm sure of it. It is what makes me extra glad that we had a lazy (even if it was raining AGAIN or should I say STILL!) long weekend - hooray, British Bank Holiday!

*if it doesn't work just picture it in your head: School pictures of Big Sister and me at the same age. Wearing our school uniforms. Looking like we could be pals. Because we are.

And about the weather. Even our British friends are threatening to emigrate. We're going to do so temporarily for the beaches of Spain before too long. Sounds like we won't be alone.

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